About REthink

REthink Development, with offices in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, California, has differentiated itself by initiating development projects that reflect the context in which they are built. The context that informs the project includes considerations of the sun, wind and natural environment and the historical and cultural context in addition to the traditional influences of economic conditions and market trends.

REthink’s contextual development approach makes us capable of achieving entitlements in challenging neighborhoods and difficult sites where other companies would struggle. Unlike many developers, every REthink project evolves from the unique set of site characteristics including environmental, historic, and cultural/ social influences. By doing so, the community is involved in defining the final product. REthink backs this unique approach with sound fundamental financial analysis. By integrating our ownership perspective with the contextual design approach we achieve sustainable buildings with superior economic performance and value.

Team members are astutely knowledgeable on the technologies, techniques, solutions, and materials that encompass the green building industry.  Lastly, the team as a whole truly believes in the benefits of green building and wants to spread its practice as much as possible throughout the country and world.

Team members also have ample experience in the real estate and financial markets enabling the close tying of green building and renewable energy to their very important financial benefits and implications.  Additionally, the Team is supported by Advisors who have developed, owned or consulted on hundreds of millions of dollars worth of multifamily, retail, office, and industrial developments, have acquired, disposed of, and financed billions of dollars worth of real estate and own and manage a number of shopping centers, industrial, and multifamily developments throughout Southern California.

REthink is a certified Small Business with SBA, and Small Business Local Enterprise with the City and County of LA, on CCR, ORCA, FedBizOpps. DUNS# 0167888906 CAGE# 5D1B8.

Greg Reitz, Founder and Principal, LEED AP

Greg Reitz is Principal and Co-Founder of REthink Development. He leads the Santa Barbara development practice.  He applies his knowledge of cost-effective green building strategies to all of REthink’s projects.  In 2009, Greg was selected as a Green Leader by the California Real Estate Journal.

As a principal for REthink Development, Reitz was responsible for ensuring REthink’s Cherokee Studios mixed use development project in Hollywood was designed to achieve LEED Platinum.  He has also consulted for the first LEED for Existing Buildings hotel in the country, The Ambrose, in Santa Monica, and for the Walt Disney Company’s new 56-acre, $500 million green soundstage project.

As the former Green Building Advisor for the city of Santa Monica, he was responsible for overseeing all green building activities and programs including authoring the Residential Green Building Guide.  During his tenure there, Santa Monica went from having no LEED-certified buildings to having more LEED buildings per capita than any other city in the country.

A LEED Accredited Professional and an emeritus board member of the Los Angeles chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), Reitz was the founding chair of the Southern California Public Agencies Council for Green Building and was elected to the national USGBC Green Codes Committee. He has supported the efforts of many cities across the state – including Los Angeles, West Hollywood and Culver City – in developing green building programs.  Mr. Reitz is frequently called on as a speaker on green building and sustainability topics.

Reitz got his start in the green building world working for world-renowned green building consultant, John Picard after a career in management consulting with Andersen Consulting and internet strategy consulting with Velodea.

He has a degree in Cybernetics from University of California Los Angeles.

Steve Edwards, Founder and Principal, LEED AP

Steve Edwards is an entrepreneur committed to pursuing innovation through sustainable development and alternative energy platforms. He is a founder and principal of Rethink Development. He leads the Los Angeles and Bay Area development practice.

At REthink Edwards bridges the gap between the real estate industry’s past and its bright “green” and high performance technology driven future.  Edwards’ mission is to prove into practice how green high performance technologies, measures, and practices positively affect the bottom line and have substantial environmental and human benefits that will likely even outpace the significant financial advantages of employing sustainable building practices.  He is responsible for creating financial and decision based frameworks, methods, and tools to help building owners, managers, and operators make the most out of their built and energy environment. Edwards speaks and contributes on the financial aspects of green building and renewable energy for various organizations.

Prior to founding REthink, Edwards served as managing director of Winebright Properties, a commercial real estate investment and management organization, where he managed, expanded and developed its portfolio of shopping centers.

Before his transition into real estate and green building, Edwards held leading positions at interactive and software companies.   He designed and developed revolutionary software and gaming products.  Edwards parlayed years of digital product development into the literal brick and mortar kind.   He saw the opportunity to apply emerging green building and renewable energy technologies and measures to substantively affect the way people live, work, and interact with the built environment.  The effects on comfort, health, and ultimately productivity that can be gained through highly designed, cost effective, and sustainably built buildings can have a greater effect than any software product on the economy, people, and the environment.

While in product development, Edwards served as head of the product management and production group for LivePlanet, a world renowned integrated production company founded by Chris Moore, Sean Bailey, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon.  He was recruited to design and manage the technology and game development in support of their integrated entertainment experiences on ABC, HBO, and feature films.  These shows and experiences were the first of their kind in which millions of people were watching TV, playing a game for financial reward, and interacting via the internet in real time.

Prior to LivePlanet, Edwards co-founded Verge Software/XMarkstheSpot.  As Director of Product Management and Marketing he lead the development of a backend online advertising and marketing engine and an enterprise software application based on a neural network engine for corporate information management for clients such as Intel, Hewlett Packard, Ernst & Young, and Yahoo.  Verge was venture capital backed and was sold to the public company Aptimus Inc in 2000.

Edwards received his BS in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management and a BS in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry from the University of Colorado.

About the Name REthink Development

The NAME REthink Development Corp reflects the mission of its founders, Greg ‘R’eitz and Steve ‘E’dwards, to build a development company that substantively and continuously strives to change real estate development to truly benefit the triple bottom line (people, profit, and planet).  The LOGO’s four segments in the circle represent the four mythical elements of earth, air, water, fire (energy) all of which are emblematic of the concerns addressed through green building practices.  The circle and the arrow at the end of the circle represent the concept of the continuously revolving cradle-to-cradle cycle that we strive to integrate into all of our projects.  Finally, the fortuitous ‘R’ and ‘E’ of our names are intended to evoke REduce, REuse, REcycle, REnew…

The 4 WEB SITE BACKGROUNDS initiated by clicking on the Element Icons also represent the world’s four elements of earth, air, water, and fire.  Those four elements directly relate to green building in the following ways:

Wind Air/Wind: Green building improves indoor air quality, reduces greenhouse gas emissions through reduced energy use and CFC-free refrigerants, cleans the air with green roofs and intelligent landscaping, uses natural ventilation to help cool buildings reducing the mechanical ventilation and cooling need, and often harnesses or uses green renewable wind power for energy.
Water: Green building reduces water use with efficient or waterless fixtures, drought tolerant landscaping, and grey water systems while also reducing storm water runoff and harnessing rain water for use.
Earth: Green building reduces the impact on the earth through the efficient use of resources and the use of recycled and renewable materials while reducing construction and building waste.  Green buildings also favor reducing earth and site impacts by encouraging development in cities with smaller footprints to preserve natural landscapes.
Fire/Energy: Green building is very focused on reducing energy usage and harnessing solar power by passively lighting and heating spaces and actively capturing solar energy with photo voltaic and solar hot water.