Cherokee Goes Up Instead of Down

Once we finished removing and prepping (see Going Green as It Goes Deeper post) it was time to start putting something back into the project and building. Furthermore, if we are going to put material back in the ground to build this project it better be as green as possible. For some this is nothing new, but for others rebar and concrete can and in our case do have a high amount of recycled content. Our steel rebar, 38 tons of it contains at least 95% recycled content. Our concrete has 15% fly-ash content, which is a waste byproduct of coal plants. So, instead of 2 tons of fly-ash going to landfills it goes into our concrete and actually makes it stronger. Plus, both materials came from local plants, the rebar plant is 53 miles away and the concrete plant is 58 miles away. The proximity of the plants reduces the impact of vehicle miles traveled by the materials.

Video of Basement Concrete Pour