Progress on Election Day

At REthink we are proud to witness Cherokee Lofts pull above grade and nearly reach its full height of four (4) stories. Our development team actively participates in shaping the future of Hollywood through Cherokee’s building design and fidelity to native culture. One could say we are proud “to vote” for contextual development.

The context of Cherokee’s development means we must pencil out not only ecologically responsible development, but socially responsible development as well. We have talked in the past that the ‘proof is in the pour.’ The second floor canopy is now complete. 148.7 cubic feet have been poured to shape the canopy that will hold the framing for the residential units above. Of the 76 tons of rebar and 4,015 lbs of cement utilized for the canopy, 98% of the steel is recycled and 602 lbs of fly ash spared the use of new concrete.

Our team also thinks of Cherokee as our best foot forward in the community. REthink wants a hip project. But, Cherokee must be a project that is both in keeping with its swinging Hollywood neighborhood and a steward within the community. In other words, Cherokee Lofts represents our brand of development, which is as unique as it is innovative.

At REthink, our team views development as a participatory process. Wherever your politics may stand, we hope that you voted this election cycle. REthink campaigns to solve unprecedented design problems to bring the greatest value in development to our communities. Because of the participation of a diverse design team and concern for both the ecological and social impact of our building design, our projects are all the richer. We hope to learn more from you so that we can bring to our communities more projects that are swinging in Hollywood, surfing in Venice’s Dog Town or at the movies in Culver City’s back lots. Until then, we will continue to let you know how you can learn more about REthink Development and our latest projects.