Music Professionals

Create at one of the most historically significant music address in Hollywood.

Musicians, Artists, Producers, Composers: The world famous Cherokee Studios has evolved to become the world’s first and only ‘Green’ LEED Platinum* LIVE/WORK/MUSIC LOFTS.

The 300 gold and platinum albums by artists such as David Bowie, Elton John, Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald and Elvis were only the prelude to the legend of Cherokee Studios. Studio One is now replaced by a dozen premium live/work lofts built to inspire the creativity of the next generation of audiophiles.

Cherokee’s founders, the Robb Brothers, alongside famed acoustician George Augspurger, Pugh + Scarpa Architects, and REthink Development have paid close attention to design the live/work lofts with the legacy of Studio One in mind. Beyond the stunning design and musical history, the enhanced sound control measures and unit layouts make the lofts ideal for home music production. The two premium units are delivered with dedicated music production control, isolation, and tracking spaces already built to professional home studio specs while other sound controlled units can quickly be adapted for music production.

The new Cherokee Studios is music captured in architecture. The Platinum records in the lobby honor Cherokee’s past while the Platinum* LEED Green Building design protects our planet’s future. Clean air and positive energy feed your creativity. Inspiration comes in the form of Studio One’s black forest walnut wood, the dynamic façade, the lobby’s memorabilia, and the inspiring green roof deck perched on top of Hollywood.

The legend of Cherokee Studios is still being written. Twelve new owners will carry the Cherokee Studios legacy into the future.

Music Production Space Specs

Designed by leading acoustician George Augspurger with Cherokee Studios founder and multi-platinum producer-engineer Bruce Robb.
  • Dedicated, isolated, acoustically tuned control rooms
  • Acoustically rated control room window looking in to tracking room, second window looking into isolation booth
  • Isolated floor consisting of a lightweight concrete slab floating on Acoustimat II “Green” isolation pad to attenuate sound and vibration transmission
  • Acoustic walls with double dry wall and resilient channel construction
  • Acoustically rated steel control room door by Krieger
  • Separate 20 Amp circuit pre-wired for power conditioning
  • Independent un-ducted climate control
  • In-wall raceways running from control room to studio and iso booth to accommodate mic, line, Q system wiring
  • Acoustically tuned isolation booth
  • Tracking room pre-wired for 5.1 surround sound playback