Creative Office Conversion

REthink is the developer and asset manager of the creative office conversion of a 1970’s concrete tilt up warehouse in the Hayden Tract. With this acquisition and redevelopment, REthink capitalized on the ongoing transformation of Culver City’s industrial district (Hayden Tract) into a creative office hub. REthink recognized the potential for this district after observing the emergence of top dining and cultural options nearby in downtown Culver City and the impending arrival of the Expo Light Rail line.

REthink creatively subdivided the warehouse space into a mix of uses that allowed the conversion without adding any extra parking or a lengthy entitlement period. REthink also erected a demising wall to keep about 1/3 of the warehouse as warehouse space for a separate tenant.

REthink conceptualized and developed a partnership with the Cuningham Group Architects to be an investor, the architect and tenant for the creative office space. With the Cuningham group on board REthink went out and secured a construction loan that rolled into a fixed 10 year loan once construction was complete. REthink then worked with the Cuningham Group on architectural and engineering plans to convert the space to a stunning creative work space.

Construction took 6 months with the building being occupied in the summer of 2012. Since occupying the Cuningham Group has used it as a showcase and an example of the evolution of creative office adaptive reuse for their prospective clients and real estate industry groups.