REthink Develops Innovative Projects


As principals REthink owns, retrofits, repositions, and develops special sustainable buildings. REthink will partner with organizations on avant-garde build-to-suit green building projects.

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REthink’s Unique Value Proposition

REthink’s set of core competencies across the interconnected built and energy environments provides the perspective, knowledge, and know-how to understand the full energy and green marketplace. With this expertise we capitalize on immediate and future green economic opportunities. We approach projects from both a financial and ownership perspective with the intrinsic knowledge that comes from the experience of self-performing the green building and renewable energy work. The result is clearly being able to link sustainable measures to economic performance with firsthand knowledge and expertise through the entire process.

Policy Contributors and Influencers

REthink remains at the forefront of policy and program direction for green building, renewable energy and carbon management [ARRA, DOE, Carbon Cap, SB 375, AB 32, AB 1103, AB 811, PACE, FIT]. REthink’s principals have created some of the leading green building policy and programs in the country and are frequently asked to contribute to new policy. As a result, we are intimately aware of standards and initiatives coming down the line in the rapidly evolving regulatory and incentive marketplace from a local to federal level and how it will effect projects and revenues.