Advisement and LEED Consulting Services

REthink and its partners advise and consult with clients in the following service areas:

Energy and Green/ LEED Opportunity and Risk Evaluations

  • What are you doing about energy efficiency?
  • Did you know that solar or alternative energy could potentially create a profitable new stream of cash flow for your building?
  • What is your overall green or LEED® certification plan? Are your tenants asking for it?
  • What is your competition’s overall green plan?
  • What impact does new legislation have on your property?

REthink can demonstrate and assist you in understanding the opportunities and risks in the energy and green space and how to capitalize on them with such an evaluation. REthink will generate detailed information and financial analyses for you, creating a decision framework to help you select the programs best suited to fulfill your immediate or future needs.

Energy Studies

Is your building performing as should be? How inefficient is it? What money are you throwing away?

Retro-commissioning (RCx)

Are your systems running as designed and at their full potential? Commissioning systems with no capital improvement can quickly save you 20% in energy and have a payback of 2 to 6 months.

LEED EBOM Consulting (Existing Building)

Goes beyond energy. You will get the previous services, but potentially double the savings with water, heat island, landscaping and other efficiencies. LEED EBOM has proven to lower vacancy, increase tenant retention, improve marketing and prepare you for upcoming carbon legislation. Up to 7% NOI bumps are easily attainable.

Green Retrofits and Repositioning

Transform your building into a modern green building. Savings are large and proven. Retrofits keep your buildings from becoming obsolete, increase their competitiveness, and get them carbon ready. REthink can advise and project manage the entire retrofit from a development perspective.

LEED NC Consulting (New Construction)

Build savings into your building upfront and make sure you are not becoming obsolete before you finish. 30% to 50% in energy savings, 30% in water savings plus many other operational savings and green advantages can make a new building over 10% more valuable than non-green buildings.

Solar/Renewable/Alternative Energy

Provide solar or alternative energy analysis, advisement, and development. Also provide funding for projects through REthink Energy Group to further increase NOI.

Carbon Management and Carbon Legislation

Be in front of carbon policy and legislation such as GHGP, AB 32, SB 375, AB 811, AB 1103, AB 811, PACE, FIT. Create programs to systematically address your future carbon risks and opportunities. See our Carbon Management partnership at

Whatever path or service you chose, the true value of partnering with REthink Development is receiving the strategic advantage of our financial and development experience in concert with the green advisement experience gained from projects with Disney, US Army, Los Angeles Convention Center, City of Santa Monica, and many others. REthink will give you a specific plan of action, using the appropriate tools and incentives to ensure your organization maximizes all green opportunities.

At each step during the process we will impart our full perspective and collective wisdom. We will offer our vital comprehensive financial and benefits analysis on a real estate underwriting basis. Finally, Rethink will deliver a decision framework to enable projects to identify and implement the most cost-effective and environmentally-responsible green strategies.

How We Engage



  • Owners
  • Developers
  • Corporations
  • Government Entities
  • Investment and Management Funds

We will assist or fully manage green building and energy projects, clearly demonstrating the financial benefits or consequences during the life-cycle of the project

  • Architects and Engineers
  • Design Build Contractors
  • Real Estate Services Firms

We will assist or fully manage green building and energy elements, demonstrating the financial benefits or consequences for partner’s clients, building additional level of performance and certainty between our partner and their clients

Clients and Partners secure our services as consultants to their projects

REthink becomes an extension of our Clients or Partners teams in the following ways:

  • To enhance a client’s existing sustainable practice.
  • Serve as a 3rd party design and certification specialist on green building projects or as an additional resource to a design firm or in-house staff.