Rethink develops, owns, and operates green projects as principals.

Development Philosophy

REthink has designed a unique framework for approaching our projects that we call “Contextual Development.”  Contextual Development is the process by which we organically arrive at the optimal solution for a development project. The resulting projects are different, engaging, and inspiring – striving to truly marry “form to function”. Architectural elements and interesting aesthetic treatments are not enough for REthink. Those architectural elements need to be functional and ideally serve a number of functions. A development with elements and features serving multiple functions makes resource use very efficient and effective. However, it is also not just about ‘function’ because ‘form’ (style, beauty, movement, feeling…) has a substantial effect on all that interact with a building including people and the environment. Integrating form and function with local culture and history produces a Contextual Development that works and inspires on many levels.

The three core principals of contextual development are:

Context surveys the past, present, and future of the planned project site and neighborhood and earnestly relates it to the people, places and environment around it.

Sustainability takes REthink’s leadership position in the green building industry to bring the environmental aspects of the project to the most logical form, resulting in a maximum environmental and health benefit with a measured additional investment.

Story emerges from nexus of context and sustainability to give meaning to the project’s form, function, and image, clearly differentiating it in the marketplace and giving it a distinct marketing edge.

Building on the experience of each unique project REthink continues to pioneer a strong set of best practices, innovative methodologies, technologies and superior developments that define and differentiate the company.